Autofeel 52-Inch Curved LED Light Bar

The Autofeel 52-Inch Curved LED light bar is the most sought out LED light bar in the market today. Its unique features distinguish it from the other light and are affordable. The Autofeel Light Bar is regarded as a high-performance light bar since it layout holds LED lenses in a triple low that supplies over 700 watts of lighting beams. Besides being energy efficient, the Autofeel 52 inch led light bar provides strong and bright lighting that can illuminate farther, higher, wider and clearer than any other light.

Lighting options


The Autofeel 52-Inch Curved LED Light Bar is designed to use two types of beams which are spot beams and flood beams. Interestingly, this light bar also combines the two beams to have a strong combo beam that is far stronger, and that can be alternated for different purposes making it a far much superior beam light in the market. Moreover, since it is curved in shape, it is very easy to mount on the lower pillar of the windscreen or top of the windscreen or on the bumper of the vehicle which gives proper lighting angles with easy installation. This further enhances the usability of the Autofeel 52-Inch Curved LED Light Bar as it can withstand thick fog, rainy and snowy weather conditions without compromising on its beam effectiveness or strength.


Interestingly, the Autofeel 52-Inch Curved LED Light Bar is developed within a rustproof aluminum casing that is strong which means it is unbreakable and durable. Its lenses are made of polycarbonate which ensures that they do not crack easily and can withstand different weather conditions and terrains. Moreover, the casting is mounted into a stable position using mounting brackets which protect the light and gives it a lifespan that runs approximately 50,000 hours. Moreover, the light bar is waterproof and is rated as an IP67 and is fitted with a military breather which ensures that no condensation occurs within the light bar. Additionally, the light bar can self-regulate its heat temperatures at a constant of 12 and 15 amps from the car’s 12-volt battery. Its color temperature is at 6000k which enhances clear visibility in a white or yellow beam.



The Autofeel 52-Inch Curved LED Light Bar can be easily mounted strategically onto the car’s bumper or on the upper and lower windscreen. This ensures that the bracket kit firmly harnesses the light tightly into position. A wiring harness is also provided to increase the strength of the harness. This stabilizes the light bar and minimizes rattling or shaking that gives unsteady lighting.