Car Interior Maintenance Tips

3ert456yrtge4Maintenance of car interior is very essential as it not only enhances your comfort and convenience but also increases the car’s value. Proper maintenance of the interior can rejuvenate the whole car and give it a new and refreshing look. The good thing is that you can maintain the entire of your car by yourself thus saving money. It only requires a few tools and materials, time and proper planning. With regular maintenance, you will only take a few minutes and your car interior will look fabulous. Here, you will learn some of the tips you can use for car interior maintenance.

Tips for car interior maintenance

  1. Car vacuuming

This requires a good car vacuum and two main attachments: dust brush and crevice (plastic) tool. Vacuuming helps in removing most dirt in seats, floor mats and carpet. With crevice tool, you can reach under and between seats, around seat beads, and into crannies, nooks and tight seams. Moving the vacuum vigorously on the carpet will remove most grit and sand. You can use the dust brush for vacuuming the vents, dash and console. You can also reach the cracks and vents by use of a specialized brush for interior detailing.

  1. Fabric door and seats upholstery cleaning

This usually entails cleaning the car doors and seats. The most important thing is to select the most appropriate upholstery cleaning agent. Start by spraying the cleaner uniformly on the upholstery. Rub the surfaces vigorously then after removing the dirty spot, wipe the area systematically using a dry, clean and soft cloth.wf4egtr6hyynt

  1. Car leather cleaning

Car leather is quite delicate thus ensure that you use a product that is specially designed for cleaning car leather seats and steering wheel. A soft clean and dry cotton towel should be used when cleaning leather seats. Start by vacuuming the leather seats using crevice then spray adequate amount of leather cleaning agent on the towel and wipe the seats gently. Ensure that you reach all edges of the seats.

  1. Dashboard

The dashboard carries a significant amount of dirt even though many people ignore it. To give the interior of your car a new look, you need to clean the dashboard. Start by vacuuming the dashboard then use a microfiber dust cloth to wipe it. Apply some protectant to prevent the dashboard against peeling, cracking, fading and ultraviolet and sun rays.

  1. Windows

Clean windows now only enhance our car’s interior but also improves visibility. Choose a suitable glass cleaner and after cleaning the windows, you can use a newspaper to wipe them.